Enfield Quieter Neighbourhoods (Bowes East & Edmonton Green).

The Project

ECF was commissioned by the Journeys and Places team at the London Borough of Enfield to support the delivery of a two-phase engagement programme to investigate the potential introductions of Quieter Neighbourhoods in Bowes East and Edmonton Green. The aims of the first phase of engagement were to gather insight into local transport issues and collect ideas on how to improve the Bowes East and Edmonton areas.

Following this, the Council drafted proposed designs which were reviewed by local stakeholders during the second phase of engagement. Several ideas proposed during phase 1 were incorporated into the proposed designs, including: introducing modal filters in both areas; incorporating a no-right-turn onto Green Lanes from Grenoble Gardens; and introducing one-way streets in Edmonton Green to reduce traffic and improve pedestrian safety.

In the second phase of engagement, ECF’s focus was to actively gather feedback from residents, businesses, and other essential stakeholders on the design proposals. The feedback from the engagement in both areas was compiled into comprehensive reports, to provide the Enfield project team with a valuable resource to guide the decision-making process. This phase was critical in ensuring the preliminary designs aligned with the community’s needs and expectations, and that the final outcomes will be informed by a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences.


Phase One 

  • We delivered four days of business surveying, staffed by two members, from 14th – 27th September 2023. During business surveying, a 20.9% completion rate was achieved. Postcards were distributed to those who did not have the time to undertake a survey that contained information about the project and a QR code directing to the project website. 

  • Four drop-in public exhibition events were held at community centres and public libraries from 19th September – 30th October.

  • Two pop-up events were held between 3rd – 5th October 2023. During the pop-ups, we spoke to local people to raise awareness and distributed leaflets with project information. 

  • Online interactive maps were published on the project websites for Bowes East and Edmonton Green, and comments were left on pinned streets to provide location specific feedback. 

  • We also leafleted outside four primary schools and distributed project postcards, to gather feedback regarding the School Streets initiative.

  • Two school workshops were undertaken with primary schools in Bowes East, and one was held at a school for students with special educational needs in Edmonton Green. 

  • The opportunities to engage were promoted on social media through the Journeys and Places and Enfield Council Facebook and X channels, and in Council newsletters. 

Phase Two 

  • To enhance engagement awareness and gather feedback, the Council distributed letters about the proposal to residents in Bowes East and Edmonton Green.

  • Our team conducted business surveying, between 23rd – 30th January 2024. We also distributed postcards containing project information and a QR code for easy access to the project website.

  • We delivered four public drop-in exhibition events at local community centres and libraries, which took place from 24th January – 3rd February 2024.

  • Interactive maps were made available on the project websites for Bowes East and Edmonton Green, for respondents to leave their comments, offering location-specific feedback.

  • In our outreach to the younger demographic, we conducted two school workshops in primary schools located in Edmonton Green. We also reached out to schools in Bowes East and distributed postcards to students and their families.

  • We held two workshops with disability groups in Edmonton Green, engaging with residents and staff members to acquire their feedback.

  • To promote these engagement opportunities, the Council utilised social media, specifically the Journeys and Places and Enfield Council’s Facebook and other channels. Details were also featured in Council newsletters and sent out a resident letter in English and nine additional languages.


Our comprehensive engagement process, carried out in the first phase, played a crucial role in uncovering insights into local issues and presenting suggestions for enhancing the Bowes East and Edmonton Green areas. This foundational work laid the groundwork for the second phase of engagement, where design proposals were shared with stakeholders. This phase was pivotal in enabling community members to examine and provide invaluable feedback to shape the decision-making process.

Having completed the engagement phases, ECF meticulously compiled detailed reports summarising key themes and any nuances in feedback relating to specific groups or areas. The reports will significantly inform and guide the subsequent stages of the Journeys and Places team’s work, ensuring that community input is at the forefront of future developments.


“We are delighted with the exceptional support provided by the ECF for our Quieter Neighbourhoods projects in The London Borough of Enfield. Their dedication to community engagement has been instrumental in fostering constructive stakeholder relationships and helping us to drive meaningful change within Enfield’s neighbourhoods.

From the outset, ECF demonstrated a deep understanding of our objectives and tailored their approach to suit our unique requirements. Their team exhibited professionalism, expertise, and a genuine passion for community empowerment. Through a variety of innovative engagement techniques, including workshops, surveys, and outreach initiatives, they effectively helped us to mobilise residents, stakeholders, and local businesses to participate in the development of the proposed designs for a further two Quieter Neighbourhoods.

ECF’s commitment to inclusivity ensured that diverse voices were heard and considered throughout the process. They facilitated constructive dialogue, encouraged collaboration, and empowered residents to play an active role in shaping the future of their communities. We’ve worked with ECF on a number of initiatives over the years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Liz Rhodes, Communications and Engagement Lead
Journeys and Places | London Borough of Enfield