We enable communities to represent themselves, and share their views.

We are engagement specialists. We develop innovative, exciting, and engaging strategies that bring you closer to your stakeholders. Working with partners, we provide an approach to engagement programmes that integrate both digital and physical engagement activity to get the best outcome for your project.

The days of tick-box engagement programmes that do the bare minimum are long gone. At every level of government, there is an expectation that developers and agencies will engage effectively with communities.

Whether you need to engage community or industry stakeholders, staff or vocal opponents, we provide tailored engagement solutions to suit your needs. Engage early, with the right tools and platforms, and we can create genuine opportunities to build lasting, positive relationships with your stakeholders.

Our engagement tools include large-scale community events, public exhibitions, co-design workshops, online forums and surveys, interactive websites, deliberative discussions, media and social media campaigns, traditional door knocking and letterbox drops. We also host 0800 numbers to provide stakeholders with opportunities for confidential, one-on-one conversations.