We can mediate difficult conversations, and facilitate creative and inspiring engagement activities.

We are known for our capacity to expertly manage small and large-scale facilitations to grow stakeholder confidence, foster understanding or reconcile contrary views. We weave issues management techniques into every facilitation and back this with thorough research to ensure your project and company reputation is managed. 

In often volatile stakeholder environments, our facilitators are skilled at drawing out stakeholder concerns and identifying potential obstacles. By encouraging individual ownership of the discussion process, our facilitators transform conversations so that participants can establish goals and shared objectives.

Our facilitators are experts in using deliberative discussion and appreciative enquiry to encourage participants to explore new ideas and concepts. We can deliver workshops in person, or online via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or the platform of your choice.

A support team works with each facilitator to manage note-taking, the stakeholder database and input to a final report to summarise key themes, outcomes and recommendations. We can deliver a full event service managing recruitment, RSVPs, registrations, and post-event follow-ups. Information clarity and a structured approach means that we successfully activate and shape genuine conversations to achieve shared outcomes.