Our team.

We are experts.

The ECF team has a track record of designing and implementing strategic communication and engagement approaches that support the community and the objectives of our clients.

We pride ourselves as communications and engagement experts with technical experience from a diverse background. Our team has accumulated over 50 years’ experience in the Property, Construction, Infrastructure, Built Environment, Healthcare and Renewable Energy sectors. We have worked on some of the most major and complex projects in the UK and Australia.

In addition to their expertise, members of our team must have several key attributes to work for ECF. They must be passionate about talking to people, they must be able to write, they must have common sense, want to create positive social impacts, and have sense of humour. Those listed below, definitely fit the bill! 

Managing Director

Oliver Deed

Oliver Deed is co-founder and Director of ECF. Oliver is a talented communications and engagement practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the UK and across Australia. 

His knowledge of public and political relations as well as his expertise in strategic communications provide him with the tools to design innovative solutions for a range of projects. He has worked on small and large scale residential, construction and infrastructure projects. 

He has led the team in delivering on a wide range of projects for clients including BeFirst, Camden Council, CityFibre, Community Health Partnerships, Crystal Palace Football Club, Enfield Council, Haringey Council, Mid Sussex District Council, TOWN and U+I PLC.

executive chair

Kathy Jones

Kathy Jones, co-founder and Director of ECF. She is one of Australia’s leading strategic communications and engagement advisors, known for her work to help CEOs, boards and senior management staff manage crises and policy change contexts. 

Since founding KJA in Australia in 2001, Kathy provides high level strategic advice, issues management, leadership and project delivery for some of the nation’s major transport and infrastructure projects, including Northern Beaches Hospital and Barangaroo.

business development Director

Gill Marshall

Gill is a knowledgeable urban regeneration practitioner with more than thirty-five years’ experience in the inward investment and economic development arena, upwards of twenty years of this spent in east London.

Gill has a keen understanding of the disparate needs of both the private and public sectors, Gill has designed and managed bespoke consultation and engagement programmes, including the 2012 London Olympic Relocation Programme, navigating sometimes complex relationships. 

More recently, Gill established relationships in the market town of Biggleswade; mapping the Community Engagement Strategy and developing the Consultation Programme for the Biggleswade Garden Community; with an initial 1,500 home scheme achieving planning in 2019. 

practice Director

Louise Bradley

Louise Bradley is a communications, engagement and public consultation specialist with over 25 years’ experience working throughout the UK. 

Before joining ECF, she founded and ran a boutique public participation agency for 15 years that delivered over 300 community involvement projects.  

Throughout her career, Louise has developed an in-depth knowledge of engagement and consultation methodologies ensuring projects meet best practice principles and will withstand external scrutiny.  

Louise strategically supports the ECF team across its portfolio of public and private sector clients.

OPERATIONS & Finance director

Debbie Street

Debbie is a highly experienced Operations & Finance Director with over 25 years’ experience developing, evaluating and implementing operational measures to make a company successful. 

Debbie specialises in promoting company growth, preparing financial budgets & targets and executing plans designed to meet company goals. 

Her career started in Central Government in the early 1990s, studying Business Management, Counter Fraud Management and Counter Fraud Intelligence at University of Portsmouth.

AssociAte Director

Charlotte Jordan

Charlotte is a motivated and collaborative strategist co-creating and delivering projects on behalf of governments and international institutions in a range of sectors. 

She has a track record of delivering excellence in complex environments and experience in leading teams to support clients in delivering strategy and regulatory business plans. 

Charlotte helps clients to communicate complex messages to a variety of stakeholders in an engaging and meaningful way, helping to build advocacy and support for projects. 

Charlotte was a service lead and specialist advisor to 101 towns for HMG Towns Fund, Levelling Up programme. She has also led the design and delivery of major client stakeholder engagement programs including Heathrow, HS2 and National Highways.

AssociAte Director

John Parrott

John Parrott is a community and stakeholder engagement consultant with 12 years experience working on major transport and infrastructure projects in the UK. 

He lives in Cambridge and has previously lived and worked in New Zealand before returning to the UK in 2008. Since then John has been working in London on major projects including Crossrail, the London 2012 Games and HS2. 

John’s specialist experience includes relationship management, chairing consultative groups, conflict resolution, equalities issues, media relations, supporting legislative and consent processes, advocating for measures to mitigate construction impacts, project and events management and political engagement.

AssociAte Director

Joseph Clayton

Joseph Clayton is a policy and public affairs specialist with a decade of experience on some of the biggest and most innovative infrastructure and public policy projects in the United States of America and Australia. 

He specializes in transformative and visionary urban and regional projects, from precinct development to new transit systems and climate resiliency projects. With his experience in diverse communities, Joseph instinctively knows how to address community and stakeholder concerns and needs. 

Joseph also brings an academic background in politics, international business law and intercultural communications.


Ashni Jain

Ashni is a licensed architect (registered with the Council of Architecture, India) and urban practitioner specialising in placemaking, engagement and social value surrounding the built environment. 

She has recently completed her master’s in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science and has interdisciplinary work experience in sectors such as architecture, landscape architecture, community engagement and urban research. 

Ashni’s work aims to shape everyday life by applying design and policy as a problem-solving and experience-building tool, interweaving well-being, education, and agency.


Glenn Coleman-Cooke

Glenn is a communications professional with expertise in community engagement. He has worked closely with multiple developers, not-for-profits and local authorities to deliver consultation programmes on a wide range of complex planning applications.

Glenn has previously worked in parliament, in political campaigning, and in the NHS. He has also served as a District Councillor and committee chair, giving him an understanding of local government.

Senior Account Executive

Charlie Back

Charlie is a social research specialist interested in housing, the built environment and community issues. As a reader of sociology, Charlie has an excellent knowledge of engagement methodology and a firm grasp of community issues.

Since joining ECF, Charlie has exercised these skills while coding and analysing feedback responses in public consultations. Charlie also completes written tasks such as profiling stakeholders, conducting political analysis, and collating weekly media monitoring reports. He has assumed a public-facing role in community engagement projects and will continue to support ECF in this role. 

Clients he has worked with include Enfield Council, Haringey Council, London Borough of Newham, Rydon Homes, St Dunstan’s Foundation, Plymouth City Council, TOWN, and U+I PLC.

account executive

Martin Jenic

Martin is an Account Executive at ECF and has recently completed his Masters in International Politics where he developed a focus on the built environment from SOAS University.

He possesses work experience in communications and organising events attended by high-profile guest speakers including the former Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi.

His work at ECF involves producing insightful research papers for upcoming projects, compiling weekly media monitoring reports, and skilfully profiling stakeholders. 


Luke Power

Luke joins ECF as a researcher having recently finished his master’s degree in Political Philosophy, studying at both Warwick University and their partner university in Barcelona. He has just completed a three-month internship at a public relations consultancy firm, specialising in planning and development.